It’s been over a full calendar year since COVID-19 disrupted lives across the world. Companies of all sizes rapidly switched into remote work life, quickly leaving the office hustle and bustle in the dust.
With health and safety as the number one priority, keeping employees updated on when the official “return to work” would happen turned into a long-running, “oh yeah sure” moment. From “we’ll be back in the office in 14 days,” or “it’s looking like possibly a month” to, “you better cancel your travel plans this summer,” and ultimately ending in shrugs and uncertainty. Pivoting, finding flexible solutions, staying digitally connected and over-communicating are just some of the methods that have kept businesses moving forward in these uncertain times.
Many Eyrus customers took advantage of Axon and Apex tools to help their teams stay safe by limiting interactions and person-to-person contact with BLE hardware and paperless reporting.
Now with the adoption of the COVID-19 vaccine, and some regions of the United States seeing infection numbers stabilize or dwindle, the new question is, how do you bring your workforce that has been fully remote for over a year back into the office or job site safely? As an industry built around collaboration and hands-on teamwork, construction has been one to watch in the return-to-work space.

The construction industry: still hard at work

The construction industry has had multiple different variations of back to work over the last 6-8 months. Some trends we’ve noticed are office employees switching off weeks to give ample space for social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and monitoring of contact tracing. At first, job sites had some of the same issues as offices, but from those we’ve encountered, the majority of job sites are back up and humming with OSHA-sanctioned COVID-19 protocols in place.
Another trend is the fact that many employees may not want to give up their new remote work lifestyle. This means companies are going to have to embrace more flexible work environments to retain and attract top talent. Remote Hybrid or Remote Optimized are terms that are being used to adequately describe the new ways of working that are being considered by companies of all sizes across almost all industries. However, in construction, working remotely sometimes isn’t an option. For example, what do you do when 300 to 1,000 people are needed on one job site at the same time?

Stay Connected and Maintain Progress with Eyrus Workforce Proximity Solutions

The Eyrus platform is cloud-based for easy access on or off-site, any time. This means no matter what your unique situation or COVID-19 protocols are, your employees that need to be on-site can safely keep working like a well-oiled machine thanks to real-time tracking, management, communication, and reporting tools. The best part? You can significantly reduce the number of phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings from daily schedules with enhanced levels of workforce insight.
Some of the real-time Eyrus workforce proximity solutions (you could hyperlink “Eyrus workforce proximity solutions” to your COVID solutions landing page) that have helped companies safely return to work include:
  • SafeProxTM Badge Reports – provide real-time employee badge proximity data generated throughout the day to support interaction tracking and contact tracing.
  • Zone Management – easily create job site zones to monitor density and set access authorization with Apex.
  • Contact Tracing – automatically generate daily reports to review data captured by BLE badges and beacons per employee.
As the workforce continues to make progress getting back to normal, we’re here to help you keep your projects moving forward whether your team is remote, on the job site, or using a hybrid approach. While we can’t predict the future (at least not today), our experienced team can help you be better prepared to handle whatever comes next, now.

Learn more about how our flexible solutions could help meet your specific project challenges as your company returns back to work – contact the Eyrus team here, or reach out to KnowMore@eyrus.com.

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