An Important Message from Eyrus

100% Organized to Operate Remotely:

In order to support your team and operations to keep you working safely, we are ensuring our team is available to you.  The entire Eyrus team is organized to work remotely using cloud based tools to work efficiently and seamlessly from home offices.  We will be able to maintain all operations, support and sales throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. All of Eyrus’ software and firmware is updated and maintained directly through the cloud. Our on-site equipment is designed for plug-n-play set-up and all of our support team is equipped with video conferencing.  We are committed and focused to helping your teams operate through constant changes. Please reach out with all questions and to discuss how we can help coordinate updates in your work protocols. 

To comply with CDC travel recommendations and help stop the spread of COVID-19, Eyrus personnel have cancelled all travel and in-person meetings until further notice. 

Keep Your Data Flowing… From a Distance: 

To support your initiatives, know that Eyrus hardware and software combinations can help provide necessary information while workers are staggered and observing new and changing protocols. For on-going construction, there are several ways Eyrus tools can help your team stay safe by limiting interactions and person-to-person contact with BLE hardware and paperless reporting:

Workforce Tracking Contact-Free with BLE

Eyrus BLE devices automatically collect data without your team: touching anything, checking in at kiosks, or gathering at sign-in points. Required social distancing can be observed while key workforce data is automatically processed and reported.

Remote Training and Support

Eyrus provides unlimited remote training to all their clients and can easily perform virtual training and support calls via video or audio conferencing.

Access Your Data Remotely

Apex offers free unlimited logins for all projects. If you’re tele-working or staying away from the site for any reason, you can see your workforce and track site progress in real-time.

Remote Daily Reporting - FREE for 30 days

Limit interaction by submitting daily reports via phone/tablet/desktop with Axon. Access Axon from any internet enabled device, on or off site. Contact our team to discuss different ways this tool could help track progress while complying with social distancing.

Zone Mapping & Density Reports

Using BLE hardware, create virtual zones on your site. Within Apex, see head counts per zone and the activity details including names, companies, unauthorized person alerts, and density settings.

Mass Text Messaging

Use Apex software to send mass text messages to the workforce for safety updates, major announcements, evacuations, or health updates.

To Our Current Clients:

To help you with your efforts during this time, we are offering Axon for paperless daily reporting  to any project currently tracking their workforce for FREE for an indefinite amount of time. Please reach out to your Eyrus contact for more information.

We are working to develop and share best practices to help teams keep working while staying safe and maintaining distance for our greater good. We will continue to do what we can for each other and our colleagues during this time, and welcome any communications and feedback.


The Eyrus Team