Construction, being an industry geared around collaboration and hands-on teamwork, is not the standard  “work from home” business. However, with new distancing protocols to keep us all safe, the industry is finding ways to adapt.


Management team members are on rotation, keeping the people in the site office to a minimum.  Attendance is reduced in the office to as low as 1 or 2 people at a time, depending on the size of the site trailers. With this new anemic norm for site management, general contractors as well as their subs are finding new ways to connect and maintain progress visibility on sites.


Cloud-based technologies, including the Eyrus platform, are becoming more and more essential to keep operations flowing. Accessing project data from a laptop, desktop, phone or any other internet enabled device is key to maintaining control over a project no matter where management is located. 


With Eyrus, management can remotely see everyone on all their construction projects across their portfolio in real-time. That includes which subcontractors are present, how many trade members are on site, which tasks are being completed, what areas on site are being worked on, the density of those areas, and who is authorized, or unauthorized, in those areas. 

From the Eyrus platform (and your new home office) you can:

View the Apex dashboard for real-time updates, head counts, and alert management

Manage incoming field reports that include task progress, images and notes

Control site access per person, team, or zone and set unauthorized personnel alerts

Register new workers on site using a remote registration portal

Send mass text messages regarding safety updates, announcements, etc. with teams on site using the text messaging feature

Manage social distancing with the real-time zone map by setting density parameters per zone - receive real-time alerts when density max is triggered

Reach out to discuss how Apex can support remote visibility and Axon for remote reporting for the team. Check out more on how Eyrus can support your site efforts for contact tracing and other COVID-19 related protocols