Personnel Management beyond the status quo.

The Eyrus platform provides a software/hardware solution focused on tracking and monitoring people and their activity. Traditionally, we have serviced clients managing the workforce on construction and industrial sites. However, we have recently been contacted to use our tools and solutions in new areas. In times of crisis, we know how essential it is to be flexible to serve the current needs at hand. 

For most of us, navigating the impacts of a pandemic is uncharted territory. This makes exploring innovations beyond the norm necessary to find the best solution.

Eyrus is therefore organized to provide what we do best to anyone needing visibility on workers, patients, or visitors in any industry or field. Eyrus platform services that could support your needs include:

Hands-free / Obstruction-free Tracking

BLE devices automatically collect data without touching cards or kiosks.


Create zones without obstruction and set real-time alerts for any unauthorized personnel.

Profile Monitoring

Immediate knowledge of key information on individuals and their schedules that can be used to manage access, status and set alerts per person.


Recognition and quick Photo ID on location

Access Control

Control access through physical barriers such turnstiles, doors and gates.

Central Database

Easily cross reference all data, lists, and create reports for the task at hand.

Visibility App

Quickly see detailed information about who is around you, or at a distance, using your own phone and identify critical personnel.

Site Map Overlay

Real-time tracking of workers by location and zones on a map or a plan.


Easy to search real-time data and customized reporting on the flow of people and the time spent in each zone.

Plug and Play Hardware

No specialized personnel required to install on-site hardware.


Unlimited Remote training and support.

Material and Equipment Tracking

All features can be used to track materials and equipment stored in different areas in real-time.

Eyrus can quickly customize features and work with existing systems, as well as upload existing information for our interactive database. Bottom line, our team is ready to jump in to support those that need to better manage their workforce, or personnel in this time of crisis.