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Eyrus launched its most anticipated feature to date that will take your site communication to the next level:

Mass Text Messaging

Straight from the Eyrus Platform!

Earlier this year, Eyrus launched the Interactive Evacuation Report which allows your safety team to mass text everyone on site that day in the event of an evacuation. This capability was so well received by our users, we’ve made it a more dynamic, stand-alone feature.

How does it work? It starts with your workforce. The workforce database that is collected in Eyrus Apex is your project’s centralized real-time directory. It holds pertinent information for every single person that’s ever been through your site orientation. And for most Eyrus users, that includes cell phone numbers.

Using those cell numbers, you can message specific teams, or everyone that’s been on site within a certain amount of time, or both! You can use mass texting for safety updates, major announcements, or trade specific updates.

If you’ve got a message – you can send it with Eyrus!

Message people onsite today, or people that have been on site during a custom timeframe.

Message everyone during your set timeframe, or only specific teams.

Verify the recipient list, enter your message, and click send!

New to Eyrus Apex? Check out this video!

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