The latest in Eyrus technology now allows your team to begin and manage evacuation sessions in real-time.

As the perfect tool for any Emergency Action Plan, you now have the ability to:

  • Send a mass text message to your team
  • Filter today’s attendance by company, foreman, or verification status
  • Verify each person’s safety
  • Show a history of activity by user within each evacuation session
  • Archive all evacuation sessions for easy access
  • Name your session as a specific event, or a drill


Start your session:

Send a mass text to the team.


Filter today’s attendance list:

Filter by company, foreman, or verification status.


Verify each person as safe!

Tap to verify during mustering point roll call.


Add notes:

Notes and activity are logged and saved for reference.


End your session and give it a name:

Name your session and access the activity any time.

To find out how you can use live evacuation sessions on your project, contact us today!

Eyrus provides multiple features used by safety teams everyday:

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