Eyrus technology now provides your team the ability to begin and manage evacuation sessions in real-time.

As the perfect tool for any Emergency Action Plan, you now have the ability to:

Send a mass text message to your team

Filter today’s attendance by company, foreman, or verification status

Verify each person’s safety

Show a history of activity by user within each evacuation session

Archive all evacuation sessions for easy access

Name your session as a specific event, or a drill

Start your session:

Send a mass text to the team.


Filter today’s attendance list:

Filter by company, foreman, or verification status.


Verify each person as safe!

Tap to verify during mustering point roll call.


Add notes:

Notes and activity are logged and saved for reference.


End your session and give it a name:

Name your session and access the activity any time.

Interesting in learning more about Evacuation Tracking, or additional safety features in Eyrus? Shoot us an email at KnowMore@eyrus.com, or click below!