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It’s Safety Week 2019 and the perfect time for a deep dive on how using workforce data can keep a construction site safer and how it gains efficiencies for safety teams.

Below are all the features in Eyrus that safety team users are leveraging today to create a safer site and streamline their workflows.

Accessible Site Directory

With Eyrus, you automatically have access to an easy-to-use directory of everyone on your site. The Workforce Report includes any information you collected during the registration process (which normally takes place at site orientation). Useful information being logged per person could include:

  • Emergency contact info

  • Latest safety briefing date

  • Primary language

  • Cell phone number

  • Foreman’s name and info

  • Safety sticker/orientation number

  • Client number (if applicable)

  • Any other attribute you would like to track


Fast Custom Reports

Using the Workforce and Timesheet Reports, you can easily search data to quickly create a report on anything you are tracking on site. This could include the answers to relevant safety questions such as:

  • Who needs a safety briefing this week?

  • How many concrete workers do I have on site right now?

  • Who was onsite after-hours last week?

  • How many people on site have had their background check?

  • Who has approval to use camera phones on my site?



Eyrus provides the ability to set several alerts in the system. For safety teams, the most used Eyrus alerts include:

  • Key Person Alert – If you are concerned about someone not showing up to the site consistently that is supposed to be there, set the Key Person alert for the amount of days you choose (10 days for example), and you’ll get a text message on the 10th day that person has not been seen on your site.
  • Unwanted Person Alert In contrast to the Key Person alert, this is for someone you don’t want coming back to the site. You will receive a text in real time when that person is seen by Eyrus.


Introducing: Real-Time Evacuation Tracking

Coming this month, real-time evacuation sessions within Eyrus will allow your team to simultaneously use the Evacuation Report to begin and manage evacuations in real-time. As the perfect tool for Emergency Action Plan, you will now have the ability to:

  • Send a mass text message to your team

  • Filter today’s attendance by company, foreman, or verification status

  • Verify each person as safe

  • Show a history of activity by user within each evacuation session

  • Keep a history of all evacuation sessions

  • Name your session as a specific event, or a drill


Are you interested using Eyrus to enhance your site safety?

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