Part of social distancing is understanding how many people should be working in a single zone based on that zone’s area. Density control ensures everyone in that zone has adequate space for social distancing. 

Within the Zone Density Alert settings of the Apex solution, you can set both the duration and the headcount per zone. The headcount represents the max amount of people you wish to be within a zone. If we set the alert for 50 people, Apex will text the alert subscribers as soon as the 50th person is seen within the duration you choose. 
When alerts are triggered, text messages are sent in real-time to the Alert Subscribers. You can add multiple names and cell phones numbers, as well as remove previous subscribers (subscribers do not need to be registered within Eyrus). 
Set your zone density settings based on the size of your zone and your site’s protocols for social distancing. When the alerts are received in real-time, your team knows to jump into action and handle the situation accordingly.
Apex will automatically remove the alert when the headcount returns to below it’s threshold within the set duration. 
If you’re using the Zone Dashboard within Apex, you can view all head counts and attendance information per zone including real-time Density and Unauthorization alerts. 

Contact us to learn more about Zones and Density alerts within Eyrus, or see a live demo of the platform.

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