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Access Control serves as the method to monitor and limit who has access to your construction or industrial worksites at any given time. As work site requirements become more complex, the ability to control and monitor areas within the site becomes critical and essential to success.

When we think about access control systems, two major components come to mind:

The physical perimeter

The control to entry, typically gates, fences, turnstiles, and doors

The software

Serves as the control to warrant access and create the workforce database.

The same components can be used to successfully manage people on a site using virtual zones without the need for physical barriers. Zones can provide the necessary control and monitoring of specific areas within the site without the hurdles of additional fencing and gates. Which are known to cause bottlenecks and schedule slowdowns. 


With the right combination of software and technology, any site can be mapped to create specific zones. Zones are monitored using technology such as Apex Readers, which are obstruction-free and easy to self-install. Within the Apex software, a map of the site shows the defined zones with visibility into workforce head counts. An activity stream provides names, companies, and timesheet information. 

Within the software, you can define your zones either as restricted with only certain people allowed, or as open to everyone with restrictions applied based on your needs. Zone access can apply to certain individuals, or by teams in either case. 


The software also enables you to set alerts and assign who should receive them if they’re triggered.  For instance, if someone walks into an area they are not authorized to work in, a supervisor or manager could receive a real-time “unauthorized person” alert by text that lists the individual(s) information and zone. All alerts are archived in the database for documentation purposes. 


When location management is combined with density alerts, dynamic workspaces can be managed simply and seamlessly in real-time to keep operations flowing and workers safe. For additional insights, consider cameras per zone for site visuals when alerts are triggered.


Contact the Eyrus team to learn more about using zones to monitor your site workforce flow and area density.