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Eyrus is currently developing a new solution for its Workforce Visibility Platform to automate the daily report process. Coming late Summer of 2019, Eyrus will be launching Axon – Field Productivity for the Eyrus Platform.

Axon will allow the general contractor, self-performers and subcontractors to work seamlessly on one platform to complete the daily reporting process. Teams using Eyrus today for workforce visibility, will now be able to share real-time attendance information to subcontractors through Axon. In turn, those teams will now gain field productivity information in real-time streamlining even more workflows on the project site.


Key Axon Benefits:

  • Subs submit daily logs instantly
  • GC’s monitor submitted logs vs. outstanding
  • All teams document task progress, attendance, and safety status
  • Easy access to historical daily reports
  • Document task progress with notes and photos
  • Complete the day with a touch of a button
  • Automated attendance options


Here’s how it will work:


Axon – Add contracts page

Start your Project

Create your project in Axon, add project details and contracts. Set up your custom project daily log and questionnaire for your subcontractors to submit.

Invite Users and Add Contracts

Invite your fellow teammates to participate in the daily reporting process. Invite your subs to submit their daily logs for your project. Set up the

Subcontractor Submits Daily Logs

Axon – Subcontractor dashboard view

From their phones or tablets, subs submit task progress, attendance, and safety status for the day. They can add their own notes,

photos and click to submit their log straight to the GC.

Bonus! If your project already uses Eyrus for workforce visibility, subs can see automatic daily attendance and easily confirm headcounts.

Axon – GC dashboard view

Review Progress

From Axon’s GC Overview, you can check the weather, number of logs submitted, and high-level insights. Dive deeper into individual contract logs for further detail.

Bonus! If your project already uses Eyrus for workforce visibility, see automated headcounts and forecast information for the project and per sub.

Complete the Day!

After reviewing daily logs and field walkthroughs, add your final notes, photos and complete the day with a push of a button! All reports are archived and available or PDF export.

Axon – Complete the Day screen

Are you interested in learning more about Axon, or gaining early access? Contact us today!

Click here to check out how Eyrus is providing Workforce Visibility on projects across the country right now!