Success Starts with Data Collection

At Eyrus we focus on making site integration simple for our clients.  We strive to streamline workforce visibility and offer several Data collection and service options to provide seamless service to our clients.  Our options are designed to fit your operational, data accuracy and budget needs. Let’s talk to discuss the best option for your project.

BLE Options for Automatic Data

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) wearables provide real-time information without the bottleneck of manual check-ins. Use BLE beacons or badges with the Eyrus Visibility App for a complete visibility solution.

BLE Beacon

Curved to fit any hardhat from the exterior, Eyrus hard hat beacons are OSHA and IP66 compliant.

BLE Badge ID

Designed for more secure sites, Eyrus provides BLE Badges and badging station components for customizable work site photo IDs.

NFC Options for Easy Check-In

Near Field communication (NCF) options are more cost effective and designed for a workforce required to manually check in and out of the job site.

NFC Cards

Use NFC cards to populate time cards for the project workforce, or for visibility of your self-performers on multiple sites. ID photo option available for more secure sites.

Turnstiles for Site Security

Designed for sites that require strict perimeter control, turnstiles can be combined with a dual NFC/BLE Badge. Dual badges will have the ability to operate the turnstile using NFC while the badge itself is BLE for automatic data capture throughout the site.

Data Collection per Zone

With any wearable solution, zones can be created on your construction site for security or productivity purposes. Use zones with Eyrus hardware to view attendance in specific areas and receive zone reporting.

Background Checks

Eyrus teams up with a nationally certified partner to provide instant background checks. Receive data from National Offender Reports, Single State and National Criminal Reports to meet the security requirements of your project.